With the “safety and comfort” as our motto, we are the rental & tour service provider of public road karting.
And you can drive the kart so easily!
Our experienced guide will lead you, so you don’t have to worry about not knowing your way around.

Departing Asakusa, you can tour around the major tourist destinations in Tokyo … Skytree, Tokyo Tower, Rainbow Bridge, Ginza, Emperor’s Palace, Akihabara and Ueno Park, etc.
Driving our original golden kart to popular places, you sure will get attention. We offer you the very unique way of enjoying Tokyo that many people still are not aware of. Find Your Tokyo!

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Why you should choose us

Easy to drive from the very first time!Easy to drive from the very first time!

Anybody with the International Driving Permit can drive.
“Valid driver’s license in Japan” See HERE for details.
Not familiar with the route? Our guides will lead you, so rest assured.

Multiple courses/price plans to choose fromCourse

Tour around popular places in Tokyo for 2 hours on Tokyo Karting Tour.

Excellent shop locationExcellent shop location

Conveniently located - five minutes on foot from Asakusa, one of the most famous tourist destinations in Japan. Combine our tour with your visit to Asakusa!

Booking/Inquiry form HERE

Price / Course

※Online Payment Price
If you pay online , you get 1,000yen cash back at our shop (per person)
Payment Price
2hour ¥11,000 ¥10,000

Tokyo Karting Tour (duration: 2 hours)

Visit must-see places in Tokyo such as Skytree, Tokyo Station, Akihabara and Imperial Palace in 2 hours. You can also enjoy illuminated scenery during the nighttime.

*Please note that we may need to alter routes on a day-to-day basis to ensure the smooth running of any given tour.

Tokyo Kart Tour (duration: 2 hours)

Booking/Inquiry form HERE

How to participate

How to reserve

  1. 1Check the kart availability from the reservation form, and select the day/time, # of participants and course.
  2. 2Read “What you will need” carefully, and prepare one of the applicable licenses/permits.
  3. 3Make sure to confirm you have the reservation voucher mail and the message content.

How to start the tour

  1. STEP 1Arrival at
    our shop
    Arrival at our shop

    Arrive 10 minutes prior to your reservation. When you arrive, inform your name and reserved time to our staffs.

  2. STEP 2Confirmation of
    the validity of
    your license
    Confirmation of the validity of your license

    Present the valid driver’s license in Japan and ID (e.g. passport) and sign the registration form.

  3. STEP 3PaymentPayment

    Pay at the cashier (except those who have paid by credit cards in advance).

  4. STEP 4Checking
    your belongings
    Checking your belongings

    Check your belongings to our cloak. You can also change into the costume of your choice.

  5. STEP 5Safety instructionSafety instruction

    Once you are ready to go on to your tour, our guide will give you the driving and safety instruction.

  6. STEP 6DepartureDeparture

    Go to the adjacent garage and off you go!

Booking/Inquiry form HERE


Asakusa Station

Keikyu Line/
Toei Asakusa Line

Haneda Airport Station-Asakusa Station

Keikyu Narita
Sky Access Line

Narita Airport Station-Asakusa Station

How to get to our shop

  1. Get off at Asakusa Station of Toei Asakusa Line and take No. A5 exit or Ginza Line and take No. 4 exit.  Cross Azumabashi Bridge (a red bridge).Get off at Asakusa Station of Toei Asakusa Line and take No. A5 exit or Ginza Line and take No. 4 exit. Cross Azumabashi Bridge (a red bridge).
  2. Look for the sign for a kimono shop, and go on the right.Look for the sign for a kimono shop, and go on the right.
  3. Go straight until you find a parking lot.  Turn right to a narrow street.Go straight until you find a parking lot. Turn right to a narrow street.
  4.  Go straight, and you will find this building on your left.  Our reception is on the 3rd floor. Go straight, and you will find this building on your left. Our reception is on the 3rd floor.


Address: 1-10-4-3F Azumabashi Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Tokyo Metro Ginza Line / Toei Subway Asakusa Line / Tobu Isesaki Line / Tsukuba Express Line
"Asakusa Station" 5 minutes on foot


Q.Can anybody drive the kart?

For information on what you will need to drive our karts, please click HERE.
*You must be 18 or older to drive in Japan.

Q.I am a bit concerned as I have never driven in Japan. Can I really drive OK?

No problem. Our guide will drive his kart to lead you, so all you have to do is to follow.
Our guide will make sure of your safety, and if there is any problems, he will handle it right away.

Q.What happens if I have to cancel my reservation?

You will be charged the cancellation fee as specified below.
<From the day of your reservation>

  • ~ 7 days before0%
  • 6 - 2 days before20%
  • The day before50%
  • Today100%

*You can change your reservation for free of charge.

Q.Do you only take cash? Can I use my credit card?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express, JCB, DISCOVER, and Diners Club. For cash payment, we only accept Japanese yen.

Q.What happens if it rains?

You can dive the kart in the rain. However, we may cancel the tour in case of rough weather including heavy snow and typhoon.
In case we have to cancel your tour due to the weather, we will make 100% refund.

Q.Can I change my reservation?

Yes, as long as there is vacant time lot. The change will be made free of charge.

Q.Can I wear a special costume (cosplay)?

Our original T-shirt and parka are available. Or you can bring your own costume.

Q.How should I dress?

You should wear any attire you can drive and move comfortably in. Please avoid wearing long skirt, high heels or sandals. As you will be driving through the wind, we advise you to wear a little warmer than you feel comfortable.


USA, 28 years oldSuper fun! (USA, 28 years old)

My overseas friend has done this and highly recommended to me as a super fun experience. So I gave it a try.
I was a bit nervous about driving on the other side of the road, but my guide led me all the way through and I was quite comfortable with driving!
My guide was so energetic and did everything to entertain!
He kindly took many picture for me, and I am super satisfied!

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Taiwan, 24 years oldThe scenery at night was gorgeous! (Taiwan, 24 years old)

I was with a group of friends around the same age. We thought about taking the 1-hour course, yet after discussing with their staff via Facebook, we decided to take the 2-hour tour.
I normally only ride motorcycle in Taiwan, so I was a bit afraid of driving a kart. Yet they taught me how to drive very carefully, and I could learn to drive much more quickly than expected.
To sum up my feedback, the scenery at night was just gorgeous! We started in early evening, and saw the Skytree coming closer at the end of the tour. It was magnificent - the best experience ever!!

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Japan, 22 years oldI saw Tokyo that I have never seen before (Japan, 22 years old)

My friends and I traveled to Tokyo from Kansai region to celebrate our graduation.
It was fun, fun, fun!! The vehicle ran quite close to the ground, thus I could enjoy the great driving sensation. I was a bit cold toward the end as I wore a little too light. LoL
The body of the vehicle was really gold and flashy. So many passersby wove their hands at us, making us feel like a bunch of celebrities! We could visit famous tourist destinations in Tokyo in a short time, so we were constantly high-spirited, shouting “Oh, I have seen that on TV!”

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Make a reservation from the page indicated below.
One representative can make the reservation for the entire group.
Please go to the link below and read very carefully before booking on what is required to drive in Japan.

“What you will need”

You must have either of the following licenses
Passport with Foreign driving license (issued in Switzerland, Germany, France, Taiwan, Belgium, Slovenia or Monaco) with Japanese Translation by authorized organization.
Passport with Foreign driving license and An international driving Permit (issued by a signatory to the 1949 Geneva Convention)
Japanese Driving License
SOFA Driving License for US Forces Japan
Valid international driver's license and your own driving license is required for driving in Japan.

Booking at


Don’t hesitate to ask any questions.
No question is too minor to ask!
Inquiry via Facebook is recommended.

Inquire over the phone
(Japanese and English available)

Japanese03-6240-4443 English+81-3-6240-4446 Hours: 10am - 20pm
*Japan Standard Time

Inquire via mail

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